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Whether you are a seasoned RV owner or a new RV enthusiast, finding information about the RV lifestyle is usually top of your list. One of my favorite ways to consume information about my RV and camping hobby is through RV magazines. I eagerly look forward to new issues with stories, tips, and news about RV life. And of course free RV magazines are a blessing!

I’ve got all the details on the free RV magazines out there, plus some paid RV magazines subscriptions RV owners are sure to love.

In the past several years there has been some confusion ( at least to me!) about which RV magazines are still available. It seems that some have been discontinued, merged. and/or changed names.

Speaking of names – all the RV magazine names can easily run together as they are usually very similar. And some of the free RV magazines that used to be available no longer are, or they have switched to a paid subscription.

Without further rambling, here are the free RV magazines still available.

Free RV Magazines

RV Camping Magazine ( now RV Today)

Photo of the cover of RV Camping Magazine with a picture of a man fishing in the mountains

This magazine is put out by the awesome RVblooger team. This RV magazine covers well known RVers, destinations, drivable motorhomes, towable trailers, vans, and truck campers. Plus RV gear, maintenance tips, and more.  

RV Camping Magazine was once a free magazine but it is now RV Today. There is some confusion around their subscription pages. I have found a link for a paid subscription to the RV Today magazine and also a link to a free digital subscription. I still receive a free digital subscription but perhaps I’m on an old “founders”  plan.

Photo of RV camping magazine

Try this link and see if the free digital subscription is still available. Keep in mind as the new year approaches, changes to their subscription model may go into effect.

RV Lifestyle Magazine

This is Canada’s leading RV enthusiast publication since 1971. It includes road tests, RV tips, recipes, RV travel and new product information.

RV Lifestyle Magazine offers free one year digital subscription to their magazine archives. At first it seems that you must be a Canadian resident to receive this as the sign up form includes selections for your city and province and does not include choices for a US state. BUT you can access the free magazine archives through their website.

If you are interested, they also offer a paid print subscription options for both US and Canadian readers. Just be sure you are subscribing as a US or Canadian resident.

RV America

Cover of RV America magazine with fall scene of church in mountains

RV America magazine is published by the Passport America RV Club. You can subscribe to their free digital magazine that includes RV tips, campground spotlights, RV news, product highlights, and recipes from the road. 

If you are interested in saving 50% on some of your camping stays at campgrounds across the US plus some other perks, consider joining the Passport America RV Club.

RV Business

This free RV magazine is geared specifically for RV industry professionals.  It is a hearty publication full of the latest industry news, upcoming brand designs, and innovative RV parts and accessories.

This is a behind the scenes look at the RV industry and a go-to resource for RV dealers, campground owners, and RV product dealers.  Discover RV trends, RV shows, and new campground developments. 

RV News

RV News is another free digital RV magazine that is for RV industry professionals. Even if you are not a dealer, publisher, campground owner, or wholesaler, you may still find all the RV industry news interesting.

Family RVing Magazine

This is the official publication of the Family Motor Coach Association also known as FMCA. The free magazine subscription to Family RVing is one of the many benefits of being a FMCA member. This RV magazine is not technically, totally free as you do have to pay to be a FMCA member. 

Family RVing Magazine includes columns and articles about tech talk, the RV lifestyle, helpful maintenance tips, recalls, news, classifieds, and more.

You can check out one of their sample digital editions here. When this page opens, it will say that you must log in and be a FMCA to view the content, but scroll down a little and look to the right (on desktop) and you will see a box that allows you to read a sample issue.

Paid RV Magazines (Don’t Miss the Free Sample Issues)

Rootless Living

Cover of Rootless Living RV magazine with fifth wheel cmaper in a field

Originally published with a free digital subscription, Rootless Living later switched to a paid model. According to their website, Rootless Living is merging with RV Today magazine in 2024. The same content and cool stories about digital nomads, recreational vehicle enthusiasts, and life on the road will be included in RV Today. 

Go check out their webpage with all the past issue covers to see what kind of info will be included in the RV Today subscription.

I Heart RVing

Photo of I Heart RV magazine cover of a RV

The team at I Heart RVing has put their heart into this quarterly publication. If things like RV community, connection, and experiences appeal to your sense of adventure, you’ll love this RV magazine. Full of clever RV hacks, RV experiences, advice on RV and camping gear, and a peak at the hottest RVs on the market.

You can check out free digital back issues right on their website and get a yearly print and digital subscription for only $9.00.

Girl Camper

Cover of Girl camper magazine with vintage camper with dog

This is a beautiful print magazine with women campers in mind. The front cover is pretty enough to grace your coffee table! Digital subscriptions are also available.

Full of inspiring stories of girl campers and their rigs, it is a joy to read. You or the girl camper in your life will love the camp-friendly recipes, campground spotlights, camper remodels, outdoor lifestyle gear reviews, and RV news.

With a huge and active community online and in person, the Girl Camper org and its publication are a treasure trove of information and fun.

RV Destinations

A RV travel magazine that provides inspiration and practical advice for your RV adventures. Published quarterly, the issues have informative articles covering topics like hidden gem and featured destinations, campground spotlights, state and national parks, food tours, and even photography tips. 

Their contributing writers are experienced travelers and many have websites of their own documenting their adventures.

You can check out a digital sample on their website or subscribe to get print and digital access.

RV Magazine 

Have you wondered what happened to Trailer Life magazine? Wondering if Motorhome magazine is still published?

They have been combined and now exist as RV Magazine. 

RV Magazine is the monthly magazine of the Good Sam Club. You can find places to go and things to do, info on gear and accessories, product reviews, RV lifestyle articles, and trending new RV reviews.

An annual subscription is $19.97 and Good Sam Members can receive up to 43% off.

The Good Sam Club is the membership owned by Camping World. Interested in becoming a member? Click here to find out more and/or head to the subscribe page to get the print magazine with or without membership delivered every month.

RV Today

Photo of RV Today magazine cover with fifth wheel camper

I already mentioned RV Today in the free RV magazine section of this article as RV Camping Magazine. It is the RV magazine for RVers by RVers covering places, people, products, and all kinds of RVs un the recreational vehicle lifestyle. RV Today is a great publication full of expert advice with a print subscription price of $30.00 for 8 issues a year which includes digital access for 1 year.

RV Today is also the magazine that Rootless Living is merging into.

Final Thoughts on the Best RV Magazines

If you are looking for free RV magazines, your choices are limited. Keep in mind most of the free RV magazines are digital subscriptions, which I’m sure is due to the cost of printing and mailing copies.

There are pros to digital versions, especially if you are a full time RVer and don’t have permanent mailing address to receive a print subscription. 

Also be prepared for their free option to end in the future as that seems to be that the publishing model is going to paid subscription.

Paid RV magazine subscriptions are often worth the price and are great for new RVers and the experienced RVer too. As much as I love online content and blogs, there is something special about holding a printed magazine and flipping through your own copy.

Did I miss any RV publications? Let me know in the comments below and tell me about your favorite RV enthusiast magazine!

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