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Favorite Camping Meal Plan Template + Free Printable

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One of the first things my family starts talking about once we have planned a camping trip is what we are going to eat! We agree on favorite camping meals and someone often tosses out a new camping meal idea. A camping meal plan template comes in handy for keeping track of our camping menu plus makes it easy to create a shopping list.

We all know meal planning is the way to simplify getting food on the table and it is no different for camping trips and picnic tables!

Camping is supposed to be fun but sometimes the prep isn’t! Using a printable camping meal planner is a great way to make planning your next camping trip easier. 

I’ve got a few simple steps for planning your camping meals and a free camping meal plan template printable to help organize your camping menus.

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Camping Meal Plan & Shopping List

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    Camping Meal Planning Tips  

    Here’s my one, two, three system for camping meal planning.

    1. Decide on a cooking method or methods – grill, dutch oven, pie irons, foil packs, griddle, camp stove etc. I would choose only one, maybe two, cooking methods, especially if you are a newbie. It will be easier to choose recipes, and it will be less cooking equipment to juggle. 
    2. Figure out how many meals you’ll need to prepare based on the length of your camping trip. Don’t forget lunch and snacks!
    3. Choose your camping recipes

    Want a done for you solution? You’ll love Dutch Oven Delish. It includes yummy, easy dutch oven recipes and meal plans complete with shopping lists.

    Check out the following tips to make it easier to choose your camping recipes and prepare for your trip.

    One pan meals like those cooked in a dutch oven or meals cooked on a grill are usually easy for beginners.

    Cooking hamburgers and hot dogs on a  grill camping

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    Dinner the night you arrive should be an easy, quick meal to prepare after you finish setting up camp.

    Plan your meals around the kind of outdoor activities you will be doing each day. You don’t want to plan a meal that takes a couple hours to prepare and cook if you are going to be out hiking, fishing, swimming etc. Save meals that take longer to cook for a day you will be lounging at the campsite.

    If you are planning a late start for your day’s activities one morning, that would be the best time for cooking a bigger breakfast. We love dutch oven breakfasts or pancakes and bacon.

    Don’t plan on cooking every meal while camping. I would consider having a no cook breakfast or lunch every day. Things like cereal, fruit, bagels, sandwiches, and tuna pouches are quick and easy.

    I also plan different meals when I’m car camping versus camping in the RV with access to my RV kitchen. Although during almost every camping trip, I cook at least one meal in the dutch oven,  regardless if we are car camping with a tent or camping in the RV.

    Hint: Start a master list of your family’s favorite camping meals for quick reference later. 

    Some of our favorite camping meals are:

    • Lemon Pepper Chicken
    • Cowboy Stew

    Complete Your Camping Meal Plan 

    Now you can fill out your camping meal plan printable for your camping trip. The camping meal plan template I created for you works for both weekly meal plans and weekend camping trips.

    Just fill out the days you’ll be camping – easy peasy!

    Once you have picked your recipes and filled out your menu template, you will need to do a quick inventory of your freezer and pantry and make a shopping list of the necessary ingredients that you don’t already have. This is the same thing you do if you were grocery shopping for meals cooked at home.

    I often do some of the meal prep at home – cutting up meat, slicing and dicing vegetables, and packaging dry ingredients for a recipe together. 

    You can even pre cook some meats at home. Make ahead camping meals are another favorite. Things like sloppy joe and taco meat can be prepared at home.

    Tip: Freeze any meat that you will not be cooking the first day of your camping trip. It will keep longer in the cooler.

    Save your shopping list so you can use it as your camping food packing list. Just remember to jot down any ingredients you already had at home so you don’t forget those when it comes time to pack your food. Or use a separate camping food packing list like the ones in my Camp Kitchen Binder.

    Also, don’t forget the actual camp cooking equipment you’ll need to prepare your camping meals. Some of the camp cooking essentials you’ll need are:

    • Camp Stove
    • Pie Irons
    • Cast Iron Skillet
    • Pots
    • Plates
    • Utensils
    • Cooking Utensils
    • Fire Starter

      Tip: Store all your camp kitchen equipment in a tote so it is already packed and ready to go.

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    Camping Meal Plan & Shopping List

    Download your free camping meal plan and shopping list forms to use over and over!

      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

      Don’t Miss the Free Camping Meal Planning Printables

      Don’t leave without grabbing your free camping meal plan template and shopping list duo. I usually print several copies at a time so I have them ready for our camping trips.

      Take your completed meal plan printable with you so your family can reference it on your trip. I think every mom is tired of hearing “What’s for dinner?” even on camping trips! Its also fun to know what yummy food you can look forward to after the day’s outdoor adventures.

      I’d love to know what your favorite camping meals are and how you plan food for your trips. Let me know in the comments below. 


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