Girl writing in prayer journal camping

How to Make a Simple Prayer Journal for Your Adventures

Prayer journaling has become in the Christian community and for good reason. Prayer journals are great for recording your requests and recognizing what God has done in your life. You can purchase elaborate prayer journals, but one is not necessary for your hiking and camping adventures. I’m going to teach yo how to make your own simple prayer journal that is perfect for your adventures.

campfire cooking grate with food

The Campfire Cooking Equipment of Your Dreams

Camping, campfires, and cooking are a combination outdoor enthusiasts dream about. The art of cooking over a campfire is different than just cooking on a grill or stove at the campsite. Camp cooking is one thing, but actual campfire cooking is in a league of its own, and so isContinue Reading…

Camping in backyard at home with family

Don’t Miss Out! Go Camping at Home

Camping at home isn’t just for kids! Although it is a a great family activity, it can be fun for anybody. Want to try out new camping gear? Camp at home. Are you a newbie to camping?  Practice by camping at home. Can’t afford to go to a campground? SaveContinue Reading…