Hi! I’m Andrea~

I’m so glad you found me and my blog!  Are you ready to embrace life and do the things you love? Things like camping, hiking, kayaking, going on adventures near and far, or maybe just enjoying time with your friends and family. I know that’s what I want.

If you are just beginning to get your shoes dusty on the trails and your feet wet on your adventures, you are in the right place. Hey, even if you’re a pro at this stuff, I’d love to have you stay awhile, laugh at my efforts, chime in with your advice, and maybe you’ll even find out about some new adventures yourself.

Together we can learn more, explore more, and embrace what is most important to us. I hope to encourage, inspire, and help you live a joyful life of adventure.

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About Me

I am a book lover, health hippie, nature admirer, adventure seeker, wife, Mom, Nana, blue jean and pony tail kind of gal.

My husband Wayne and I have an nineteen year old son Colt that is still home and willingly lets us tag along on some of his adventures. You can find out more about what Colt is up to at his Spirit Forge page. Our daughter Hope has blessed us with a great son in-law, two fun grandsons and two step grandchildren.

My family and I call the foothills of the North Georgia mountains home. Pretty pastures, lush forests and rolling rivers are right at my doorstep, begging to be explored. Want to know more about my philosophy on adventure? Check out this post.

My story would not be complete without letting you know that I am a child of God. He is my beginning, middle and happily ever after. Chapters of my life would be missing if I left God out of the story.

I am usually a behind the scenes kind of gal, so launching this blog was a huge leap of faith for me. Really. Seriously. Huge leap.

My home and possessions are testament to God’s provision, and every seed I’ve planted proves His faithfulness. When I float on the river I reflect on His peace, when I look upon the mountains I am in awe of His strength, and when I gaze at the stars at night I am reminded He calls them by name and that this marvelous Creator loves me. When I hold my family close I know that I am truly blessed.

Let’s get to know one another. Hang around, visit the blog often for new posts and discover what I am loving on Pinterest.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss anything and to find out the way the wind blows in my neck of the woods. I would love to hear from you!