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18 Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home and Can’t Go on Your Hiking and Camping Adventures

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Do you live, eat, and breathe your hiking and camping adventures? What do you do when you are stuck at home and can’t go? There will be times in our lives due to responsibilities, schedules, finances, or major events in our world that prevent us from going hiking and camping and doing all those outdoorsy things we love. Cheer up! There are still fun things you can do inspired by your love of the outdoors when you are stuck at home.

1.Read Adventure Books. i don’t have to be stuck at home with nothing else to do to decide to read! I love reading outdoor adventure books, even if it is about something I have no desire to do  – like climb Mt. Everest!

man in hammock reading outside

Look for hiking adventures, real life survival stories, inspirational, or even a homesteading Alaska book like Cabin: An Alaska Wilderness Dream. Two recent favorites are Two for the Summit and I’ll Push You: A Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends,and One Wheelchair.

I love my Kindle, and Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Plan is awesome. You can get their free reading app to read on any device.

2. Watch Adventure Movies. I honestly don’t watch much TV or many movies, but when I do, I enjoy an adventure story or documentary. We recently watched Into Thin Air (I had read the book but never saw the movie.) I even think cheesy comedies like RV with Robin Williams are fun!

Into Thin Air: Death on Everest [DVD]

3. Catch up with some of outdoorsy You Tubers. Some of my favorites are Dixie, Catherine Gregory, and the Mediocre Amateur. Of course there is never a shortage of awesome thru hikers to follow.

4. Plan your next adventure.  I love to research and plan adventures – everything from a day hike to an adventure vacation itinerary. Research local trails or pour over blogs and websites to plan your next backpacking trip. Read trail reports, campground reviews, vacation itineraries, and Facebook posts for ideas. You Tube is another resource for adventure planning.

5. Join an online community of outdoor enthusiasts. There are lots of Facebook groups of outdoor communities. You can find hiking, camping, and backpacking groups by locale, National Parks, and for women. Groups exist for RVers and survivalist/bush craft enthusiasts too.

6. Workout at home to get in shape for your hikes.  I prefer to just head outside to walk or hit the trails, but it never hurts to add more to your fitness routine. I know I need too!

Ellipticals and stair climbers are great for preparing for hikes. I have this mini stepper and love it! It is affordable and doesn’t take up much room. I really don’t want big pieces of exercise equipment – obviously working out in a home gym is not my priority!

You Tube have tons of home workouts – strength training, HIIT workouts, cardio, and more. I recently discovered Revelation Wellness and love their videos and message.

7. Sort, clean, and repair outdoor gear.  Drag all your gear out and start sorting. This would be a good time to clean anything that needs it and make any repairs. You can also do an inventory of your gear and see if anything needs replaced (or maybe you just want something new!)

8. Clean out your clutter to make money for a trip. I think most people have stuff they could get rid of – unless you are a full time RVer, van dweller, or live in a tiny house. After sorting your outdoor gear you may find that you have a piece of equipment you no longer need.

Look beyond your gear and sort everything in your home. It is so easy to become a slave to our stuff. The more you get rid of, the less you have to upkeep, and the more time you will have to do the things you love.

Sell your items on Facebook, Ebay, or have a traditional yard sale. The money will add up, and you’d be surprised what people will buy.

9. Clean your RV/camper. Do you own a camper or RV? Give it a good cleaning from top to bottom, inside and out.

Man cleaning RV A/C

10. Repair or even remodel your RV/camper. While cleaning your camper, look for issues or repairs that need to be made. Pay close attention to the roof and exterior seals.

You don’t have to take on an extensive RV remodel. Our camper is older (not vintage cool old), and we have done small things like replace the interior lights and make new curtains.

11. Make your own backpacking meals. It is so easy to just buy packaged backpacking meals, but they can be expensive and are often full of unwanted ingredients. You can buy dehydrated ingredients on Amazon or Harmony House and create your own recipes. If you don’t want to buy foods already dehydrated, buy a dehydrator and do it yourself to really save money.

12. Create scrapbooks and photo albums of your past adventures. I know most people just store their photos in their devices, online, on Facebook or Instagram etc. I enjoy looking at physical photo albums and scrapbooks. Print your favorites and make a photo album of your adventures.

T-HAOHUA Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook - Our Adventure Book Wedding

Shutterfly is my favorite. They have photo storage and cute photo gifts. Create a free account and take advantage of their free photo promotions. If you don’t want to just print photos and add them to a photo album, you can create your own photo book.

If you are feeling crafty, make a scrapbook. There are some really neat scrapbook pages and stickers for adventure, travel, hiking, and camping.

13. Take an online photography class. Wish you took better photos? Online photography classes are easy to find. Brit + Co has a Wanderlust Photography Bundle and The Great Courses has several different photography classes including ones for travel, landscape, and wildlife photography. I would think you would have to eventually head outside to take photos to complete the courses!

14. Take an online outdoor adventure course. Learn a new outdoor skill with Backpacker’s online classes.

15. Camp at home.  Who said you can’t go camping? You can…at home – inside or in your backyard! Get some fun tips in my post Don’t Miss Out! Go Camping at Home

16. Make a prayer journal for your adventures.  If you like to connect with God on your adventures, create a simple prayer journal to tuck in your backpack to record your prayers, thoughts, and revelations.

17. Paint or draw landscapes. Create a piece of art for your home or take your journal drawings up a notch. Need some help with your masterpiece? Give online art classes a try or learn to paint some happy trees!

18. Listen to outdoor podcasts.  A quick internet search will lead you to several popular outdoor podcasts. Check out Listen Notes, a search engine designed to help you find podcasts.

What Do You Do When You Are Stuck at Home?

So fellow adventures, tell me what do you when you can’t go on your adventures. Do you explore things inspired by your camping trips and hikes or do something totally different?

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