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18 Sides to Eat with Hot Dogs When Camping (Desserts too)

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No doubt about it – hot dogs are a classic camping food. They are easy to pack and prepare, plus the kiddos think its fun to cook them over a campfire. If you are looking for some yummy side dishes to eat with hot dogs when camping, I’ve got you covered.

From chips to veggies – we’ll cover them all. You’ll find some traditional side dishes to serve with hot dogs plus some healthier options too on the list.

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List of Side Dishes to Eat with Hot Dogs While Camping

1. Chips

You know this side had to be on the list. Might as well go ahead and list it first! Most people always eat chips with their hot dogs, especially when camping. They are easy to pack, kids (and adults) love them, and there is no cooking involved.

Plain potato chips are great, Fritos go with lunch, or get “fancy” and buy some gourmet flavored kettle chips. A chip called Deep River sounds like it belongs at a campsite! Zesty Jalapeno and Sweet Maui Onion – yum yum!

2. Baked Beans.

You can make baked beans from scratch at home to reheat at the campsite or “doctor” up a can of baked beans with extra brown sugar, BBQ sauce, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, diced onions etc on the camp stove, grill, or in a cast iron dutch oven over the fire.

Baked beans cooking in dutch oven for hot dog side dish

3. Cole Slaw

Whether you eat it as a side dish or on top of your hot dog, slaw is another classic side for hot dogs. I personally don’t eat slaw, but the rest of my family does.

At home, I whip up a quick, easy version with grated cabbage, mayo, a little salt, and a pinch of sugar. Is sugar in slaw a southern thing or is it just my hubby? If you prefer, add some red cabbage and carrots for extra veggies.

Most grocery stores have ready made slaw in the deli that makes it super easy to take camping.

4. Chili

Chili dog anyone? Chili is a great hot dog topping or can be enjoyed along side of your hot dog. Homemade is usually best and easy to reheat at the campsite, but canned chili ain’t so bad! Sprinkle a little cheddar cheese on top and add a few Fritos- yummy.

hot dog and chili

5. Grilled Corn

Slather some butter on corn on the cob, wrap it in foil, and cook it on the camp grill or over some hot coals. To save time at the campsite, wrap the corn in foil at home.

Be sure to turn the corn every 5 minutes or so. It will take about 30 minutes to cook,

If you like a little char and smoky flavor, cook the corn on the grill without the foil.

Grilled corn with butter for camping side dish

6. Mac n Cheese

Comfort food while camping – you bet! Mac n cheese is as easy as boiling water on the camp stove when you are using a boxed mix. Craving some baked mac n cheese? You can get out the dutch oven for that.

You can even cut up cooked hot dogs and add to the mac n cheese for a quick casserole.

7. Pasta Salad

There are many different varieties of pasta salads. Some are primarily pasta with dressing and seasoning and others include diced veggies.

Prepare it at home, store it in the cooler, and serve it cold with the hot dogs. Or you make it at the campsite and serve it warm.

Pasta salad on picnic table

8.Fruit Salad

A fresh fruit salad is a cool and refreshing side dish to hot dogs on a warm summer day. Pick in season fruit and prepare at home for no mess at the campsite. Watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapes are a good combo.

Summer fruit salad mix

If you want a really easy option, pick up some individual fruit cups and just pop the tops!

9. Raw Veggies and Dip

I have one grandson that loves raw veggies and another that hates them! They are a healthy, easy side dish to munch on with hot dogs. Crunchy baby carrots, broccoli, and celery sticks are good dipped in ranch or french onion dip.

10. Baked Sweet Potato

Add some butter and a little sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon to a sweet potato cooked in foil in the hot coals. You will probably want to start these before the other food or cook them at home as they may take 30 minutes to an hour to get fully cooked and tender.

Sweet potato in foil

11. Buttery Red Potatoes

Quarter red new potatoes and place on aluminum foil. Top with butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Create a foil packet and cook on the grill or hot coals for about 20-30 minutes. Smaller pieces of potato usually cook quicker.

12. Onion Blossom

Oohhh, this is one of my favorites. Get a sweet Vidalia onion, cut it in eighths (without cutting all the way through it) and stuff each section with butter. Wrap it in aluminum foil and cook it about 20- 30 minutes in the hot coals. You may want to turn it a few times so the bottom doesn’t burn. I like it a little browned in places as the onion almost carmelizes.

13. Pickles

We are not pickle eaters in our family, but I know some people love to have a giant dill pickle with their hot dog. You can’t ask for anything easier ( except chips maybe). Pickles are one of those sides that goes good with another side – like chips!  😃 

14. Corn in a Cup

Often a snack by itself, corn in a cup is a great hot dog side dish. It is easy to make with just corn kernels, mayo, butter, cotija or parmesan cheese, and chili powder. Some people use Mexican crema instead of mayo and also add lime juice.

15. Grilled Asparagus

I like to put asparagus in a little foil pan from the dollar store and cook it on the grill with some butter, salt, pepper, and bacon bits. You can also lay it directly on the grill to cook or wrap it in foil to cook in the hot coals.

Cooking asparagus on campground grill

16. Grilled Pineapple

I love fresh pineapple and it is a yummy side to serve in the summer. Core and slice your pineapple ( you can do this at home) and cook on the grill just long enough to warm it and add some charred, grill marks and a little smokiness to it.

17. Kraut

Kraut and wieners are a winner to some people. Serve sauerkraut on the side, put it on top of your hot dog, or cut up the hot dog and add it to the kraut.

You can sometimes find canned kraut at your local farmers’ market or even buy a can at the grocery store. I have a friend whose husband grows his cabbage, ferments it, and cans his own kraut. He often shares it and his pickled jalapenos with friends.

18. Potato Salad

Obviously, salads of all kinds are a popular side to serve with hot dogs. So we can’t forget the potato salad. You can make your own at home, buy it at the local deli and pack it in the cooler, or prepare it at the campsite for a warm potato salad.

Bonus: Desserts to Eat with Hot Dogs When Camping


Nothing is better than s’mores after eating hot dogs. Take advantage of the fire you used to cook your hot dogs and let everyone make some delicious s’mores.

Smores with roasting stick

Need some tips on cooking your hot dogs over your campfire? Head over to this post: Hot Dogs on a Stick

Banana Pudding

Old fashioned banana pudding and hot dogs are a winning combination. I would prepare this at home and store in the cooler. Consider eating it the first night so it is still fresh. Add some extra vanilla wafers at the campsite for some extra crunch.


Store bought Jello cups are super simple and good for the kiddos. Keep them cold in the cooler and have a sweet treat after a hot dog supper. What color is your favorite? I love red Jello!


You can bake brownies at home or in the dutch oven at the campsite. Almost everybody loves chocolate!

Want some more dutch oven desserts? Get Dutch Oven Desserts as a bonus with Dutch Oven Delish meal plans.

Camp Cooking Equipment for Hot Dog Sides

You may need a few pieces of camp cooking equipment to make some of these hot dog side dishes. Some side dishes like the corn, onion, and potatoes can be prepared over hot coals in foil packets.


Some campgrounds have a grill at the campsite or a grill over the fire pit. If you plan on using one of those, check the campground and campsite description to be sure they are available.

A portable propane grill is handy to have. This best selling grill is a favorite with many campers.

We love charcoal grills, but keep in mind it does take longer for the charcoals to be ready to cook with. Even though I prefer charcoal, propane grills are much faster to heat and use.

The Best Camping Grills (for every budget)

Dutch Oven

I am in love with dutch oven cooking! A dutch oven would be handy for making baked beans or baked mac n cheese and brownies to eat with your hot dogs.

This is a great dutch oven. If you want to check out some more options read this post.

Camp Stove

A camp stove is a great to have to cook sides for your camping meals. You can quickly boil water or even heat oil for frying.

Most people buy a traditional camp stove like this one, but single burner stoves or even a backpacking stove are other options.

Roasting Sticks

We can’t forget the roasting sticks for your hot dogs! You could also use them to roast veggies over the fire or make hot dog kabobs.

Odd and Ends

A good cooler is a must, these little containers are perfect for diced onions, bacon bits, and other condiments, aluminum foil is handy, and I just think this is cute.

Your Favorite Hot Dog Side Dishes

Most of these side dishes are great with any meal when camping and many can be prepared or prepped at home to save time. So tell me – what do you eat with hot dogs when camping? Is it something on this list or do you have a favorite side dish you love?

Hot dogs and side sides of corn and grilled asparagus for camping.

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