Best Crafts for Traveling That Are Perfect for RVers and Campers

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Looking for something to do to pass time on your road trips and camping trips? Are you creative and wish you had time to pursue a new craft? If so, traveling and camping may provide that down time. Or maybe you love crafting and don’t want to stop making the crafts that you enjoy at home. Check out these crafts that are great for traveling and perfect for RVers – you may discover a new hobby that you love!

What makes a craft good for traveling and RVing?

There are a few things to consider when choosing which crafts will be best for your road trips and RVing. Most are pretty obvious!

  • Size – How large is the item you’ll be making and how much room does it take to store your supplies?
  • The Mess Factor – Some crafts may be too messy to work on while you are actually riding in the car or RV, but be fine to do at the campsite.
  • Safety – Some crafts require torches, forges, burners etc. and may not be practical to pursue when traveling.

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List of crafts for traveling and RVing


Who doesn’t like a knitted hat or scarf? These small items are quick projects on the road. Beautiful yarns and patterns are easily available. I’ve heard knitting is harder than crocheting – let me know! Which is best – knitting or crocheting?

Bright yarn and knitted scarf on rustic table.


I have friends that take their crochet everywhere. Its easy to tuck yarn and crochet hooks in a bag and just take it with you! I love the patterns and ideas on Desert Blossom Crafts.


Painting a blue sky and clouds on canvas outside.

I’ve rediscovered a joy for painting. I finally decided to start painting again after saying a hundred times that I would like to paint some of the landscapes and adventures I love. Smaller canvases, art pads, and small wood cut outs are best for traveling.


Leather stamping with mallet on piece of leather.

Leatherwork is so much more than the little keychain kit you made at summer camp! Although kits are still a great way to get started and keychains can be fun, other small items are a possibility. Think wallets, purses, belts, knife sheaths, ornaments and more! Get a leather stamping kit or choose a few basic stamps to create designs on the leather. A leather punch and needles and thread may be necessary depending on what you are making. You can even stain your leather. Stamps and tools to get started may seem expensive but can last for years. Check out Tandy for how to videos, leather, and tools.


Hand quilting with loom

Lap quilts and baby quilts may be easier to make when traveling than big quilts. Some people hand quilt and others use a machine. I love some of the camper and outdoorsy themed fabrics and panels for quilting projects. My husband has actually made some cute quilts!


Many people even take their sewing machine on their RV camping trips. Sewing is a great option for full time RVers. You can sew blankets, quilts, bags, and dolls.

Embroidery and Cross Stitch

Design Works Crafts Inc. 2903 Wonderful Life, 8'' x 12'

Years ago I did counted cross stitch – when I had more patience and my eyesight was better! Cross stitching and hand embroidery are perfect for traveling. Many projects are small and easy to store.

Jewelry Making

Making beaded jewelry.

There are tons of options for jewelry making – beads, gems, wire, metals, wood. You can even crochet jewelry. Kits and individual supplies can be found online and even at WalMart. Supplies can be easily stored in a handy tote and many kits come with storage cases.

Art Journaling

Art journaling is a wonderful way to record memories of your travels and camping trips. You can write, sketch, and doodle in the car or RV, relaxing at the campsite, or even on your hikes.

Latch Hook

MeetBSelf Latch Hook Rug Kits for Adults Large Size Tapestry

Latch hook projects are fun and easy for beginner crafters. Latch hooking was one of the first crafts I did as a child. Most latch hook kits are for rugs and pillows and many would work as wall hangings too.


LET'S GO CAMPING - Premade Scrapbook Pages - EZ Layout

I have spent some rainy days at the campsite holed up in my camper sorting photos and creating scrapbook pages. Take the supplies – paper, stickers, photos -to make a few pages rather than all your photos and entire book unless you are a full timer. I’m sure some of your pages will be camping themed!

Whittling and Wood Carving

Horse woodcarving

Most people have sat around a campfire mindlessly whittling on a stick, but actual woodcarving and whittling is a great hobby. Some people start with just a knife, but the proper woodcarving tools are good for more intricate designs.

Card Making

Card making can include many other crafts – drawing, painting, stamping. Instead of sending a postcard, why not make a card that represents the area you have traveled to or where you are camping?

Final Thoughts on Portable Crafts

There really are lots of travel craft ideas. This article is meant to get your creative juices flowing with the possibilities of crafting and travel. I’ve been surprised at the travel projects people are making and taking with them on their adventures. These crafts for traveling aren’t just for RVers either. Many are fine for tent campers and some even would be ok for backpackers – just keep it light and small! I’d love to hear about your craft projects in the comments below.

Knitting a blue item outside

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